A little wink to the museum and to Gilles

Following the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada, the post office of Berthierville took the occasion to highlight the Gilles-Villeneuve museum and the Berthierville’s champion.

A couple days ago, the employees of the post office stamp packages and letters with two new originals seals. They highlight the link that tie Gilles Villeneuve to Betthierville. The employees helped the museum for at least 30 years by attracting visitors from all around the world to Berthierville.

The post officle supervisor, Patricia Plante, presented the idea of creating two seals with the legendary driver and the museum as a tribute, to the direction of the establishment a couple weeks ago.

Let’s mention that the Gilles-Villeneuve museum ship many packages and letters every year everywhere in the world. Many souvenirs remembering Gilles Villeneuve’s exploits. The museum is probably the most international client of the post office. The museum, that got created in 1988, should meet, this fall, their 300 000th visitor!

Already, in 2019, the Gilles-Villeneuve museum received visitors from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, United States, Germany, Belgium, England, Mexico, Singapour, Argentina, Netherlands, Australia, Phillipines, Ukraine, Venezuela and even Finland!

The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum is open everyday from 9 am to 5 pm!

The Canada Post team, in Berthierville, can’t wait to meet you and stamp your packages and letters with one of their new seals, reminding us this Berthierville’s champion and the museam that keep his memories alive throughout its community all around the world.

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