Team Gilles-Villeneuve Museum, Marie-Soleil is driving a Micra!

Marie Soleil Labelle, 16 years old, will be driving a racing car this season in the popular serie Coupe Nissan Micra. She will be driving under the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum team; she will be the youngest on the racetrack!

Living in the Outaouais region, Marie-Soleil is determined, passionate and wants to work her way up, one step at a time! Learning and performing describe her really good. Through this partnership, the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum wants to support Marie-Soleil any ways they can; promotional as well as public relations. Many others partners will support Marie-Soleil’s passion in her mission to success throughout the season.

« The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum’s team is really happy to support Marie-Soleil. One of the objectives of the museum is, exactly, to be that hyphen between the generations; the one that have known and saw Gilles Villeneuve performing, and the younger that only heard about him. In this regard, Marie-Soleil is our ambassador! », confide the Gilles-Villeneuve museum’s general manager, Alain Bellehumeur.

Marie-Soleil, her dad and her brother enjoyed their school break by visiting the Gilles-Villeneuve museum in Berthierville. The young driver wish to contribute in keeping the memories of the champion. Her helmet will be a tribute to the Berthieville’s driver.

« My favorite driver is Gilles Villeneuve. For his intelligence behind the wheel, his speed in racing and his incredible car control« , to explain the youngest recruit registered at the Nissan Micra championship cup.

Marie-Soleil, with the support of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum, will also shared throughout the season, a message from another organism really important to her; Make-A-Wish® / Rêves d’enfantsᴹᴰ Canada. She accepted a mandate as the West Quebec Division ambassador.

Soon, it will be possible to support Marie-Soleil through the whole season ( On the Nissan Micra cup’s schedule, there is twelve races. A serie that will animate many racing programs / events between May and next September; Formula 1 Canada Grand Prix, in June and Trois-Rivières Grand-Prix in August.

The Gilles-Villeneuve museum just started his 33th years. Every year, visitor from at least 30 countries stop in Berthierville. The champion will never be forgotten. « Gilles knew how to touched people by his simplicity, his determination, his tenacity and his huge talent. An incredible story we would love to share with all our visitors and, even more, tell our youngest fans. Marie-Soleil will help us alot with that », conclude the establishment’s director, Alain Bellehumeur, prouf of this new partnership.


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