Dear friend,

Gilles Villeneuve will never be forgotten. His legend is told in Berthierville for now 30 years. The Gilles-Villeneuve Museum, a non-profit organization, works to perpetuate the memory of the champion.

Visitors from around thirty coutries stop at the museum every year. Europe, Asia, Africa, America. Visitors from around the world deliver testimonies when leaving the museum. These words remind us how Gilles Villeneuve was popular and appreciated. Your contribution will help us to acquire new pieces to enhance the current collection, improving the museum display and restore the building that houses this unique collection.

Become a member of the Gilles-Villeneuve museum is also supporting the museum team, its management, employees, volunteers since 1988, spared no effort to carry out this mission. Contribute to keep Gilles Villeneuve memory alive, that his determination, courage, tenacity and simplicity are told to younger.

Be part of our team. Become a member!

How to become a member ?

To become a member simply fill out the following document and select the package that suits you best. Once completed, simply send to the following address :

Or you can send us your document by mail to the following address : 960 avenue Gilles Villeneuve, Berthierville, QC J0K 1A0

Know that no matter the choice of your package, it is possible to obtain a tax receipt.

You will find the document to fill out by clicking on the attached button.

Thank you for helping us sharing the legacy of Gilles Villeneuve ! 

Without you nothing would be possible !